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We will provide you with a full no obligation estimate and once all the information is provided a firm quotation before any commitment by you.

Our Services

Full UK and Ireland road repatriation including all islands
UK repatriation by air
International repatriation from Scotland (where possible)
Direct cremation
Arrange all necessary documentation
Register the death in Scotland (where no relatives are available)
The payment of all fees
Arranging memorialisation
Liaising with funeral directors and/or authorities on your behalf
Arranging flights and sea crossings
Supply of coffins
Delivery from hospital or mortuary directly to funeral directors premises
Cremation in Scotland and delivery of cremated remains
Burial of cremated remains

We will normally make all arrangements with Funeral Directors however we can arrange directly with the family if preferred.

For more information on how we can help you please telephone Stephen on (+44) 07834 489 766 or Joseph on (+44) 07962 076 766

How It Works

We are with you every step of the process





Coffin Selection


For International repatriation we have available a selection of suitable coffins. For
repatriation within the UK and Ireland we are happy for your selected funeral director to
supply a coffin suitable for your local custom. In this event we will transfer your relative or
friend using suitable regulated transfer equipment.

Direct Cremation


In the event that it is not possible to repatriate your loved one to their homeland we can
carry out a cremation in Scotland and return the cremated remains. This can be an attended
service or an unattended direct cremation. We have available coffins suitable for both types
of service. Following the cremation, we can arrange for the cremated remains to be
returned to the deceased homeland or these can be delivered to the relative or friend in this
country. For international repatriation of cremated remains we can also provide a personal
attended transport service.

Direct Ashes Transport


Cremated remains within the U K and Ireland are transported personally by our trained and experienced staff in our own vehicles. We do not trust these valuable and personal remains to outside carriers, and they will be delivered directly to your home address or another of your choosing. A time for delivery will be agreed so the cremated remains will be handed over directly to you or your receiving agent. If you are instructing us to deliver to someone other than yourself, we must receive the instruction from you in writing.

Let Us Lend a Helping Hand

Alba Repatriations is a member of SAIF (Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors), a professional body that regulate the activities of those within the independent funeral profession. We are proud associate members as a provider to the Funeral Profession.